Monday, November 14, 2011

The Stars and Me.

As I look towards the sky, I wonder how the stars stays so bright and shining when in fact they know they would fall and just like any other, they’d vanish. As left the open ground, my mind was filled with so many questions. I went inside the theater, went to the center stage and look up the lights... I started acting, dancing and singing like it was my last and even there was no audience, I felt I was floating in the air. Then I realized I am like the stars. Each one of has each own role to play in this world and just like what Shakespeare said, “Our world is but a stage”. As a performer and soon to be designer, that is my role to play in this world. The stage and the dresses I make is my life. And for as long as the lights are on and for as long as I see wonderful smiles from my audience and soon to be clients; I will never stop ‘til the lights starts to fade…..
But if there is one thing I am wishing to see after or during the curtain call, that would be God and my family clapping their hands and smiling at me. Now, that is heaven!

Lights on me please!
Let the show begin!

From the Heart,

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A friend asked me to design a dress for her best friend's wedding and she wanted it be just very simple and playful so after nights of thinking and analyzing ( hahahaah) here is the result.

To Leslie...
I hope you love it!
I don’t set trends nor follow trends. I believe that in Fashion, the important thing is finding one’s own style and identity. I may have been a follower in past but I am very much happy that i have found my own. I do not wear clothes for others to believe in me, I wear them because I am comfortable with it and that clothes represent and define the other side of me. No need to utter words. I wear it for myself. I believe my style is beyond the letters of the word and I believe, its eternity!”


It is almost midnight and I could not start a single statement. Maybe, Blogging is really not my cup of tea. I would rather paint my emotions or draw a line than express it in words. I am a shy person covered with so much insecurities but with dreams of making big in Theater and in Fashion (yes, with spot lights on!) Too ambitious for a person who’s very fearful and doubtful, right? 

Making my own blog was not an overnight decision rather it took me months to equipped my myself with enough confidence and  Finally, I am here making my first post. With all honesty, I have tried making one before but I was too scared that it ended up like an empty space. With the sea of bloggers equipped with tools and enthusiasm, I am trying to dive into the pool and try my luck. Who knows I might find a space for myself right? After all, I am here to widen the avenue in expressing myself, my true identity. 

So, I am letting loose and “claiming” to be a blogger now.

This is just the start and I hope I will be able to pour out more words the next full moon.

This is Miguel. 24. Blogger.

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